Friday, March 10, 2006

Most non-sensical use of science jargon in pop songs

Oo er. I just received, as a surprise, the complete box set, volume I, of Billy Bragg: The Early Years...

Way cool. Thank you, you know who!

So, listening, the first verse of Richard comes on...

...How can I go on
When every alpha particle hides a neon nucleus

Fortunately, as a tender frosh math physics student, who heard this live in late '83 on one of Billy's very first stops on what I believe was his very first nationwide tour, I did figure out how to go on. And thought it very cool indeed.
This was reinforced by Billy's late night Peel session shortly after, the not quite complete and very scratchy tape of that was a prized possession, until the re-mastered Peel Session CD came out.

But, I forgot, How could I go on?

And, how much worse can random injection of physics, or science, jargon in pop songs get.

Fortunately New England made up for it.
I wonder if the iPod is ready for this, it will certainly tilt the repertoire of responses...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know about worse uses of physics in popular music, but my favourite is from the Notwist
"You're the colour, you're the movement and the
I mean, how much more romantic can a physicist get?

8:50 PM  

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