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and that, my friends, is why some languages will never run out of words

FYI: it is a noun, and it means "the key ring holding the front door key belonging to the maid who works for the lawyer who presents cases before the supreme court"

a purer instance is the classic: Vaðlaheiðavegamálaverkfærageymsluskúr

which is the "hut with the tools belonging to the department of transport on 'Vaðlaheiði'" which is a mountain east of Akureyri.
Hut really is there; or used to be when I was a kid.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vrachtwagenachterwieldopsleutelhanger and hottentottententententoonstelling were favourites when I was a kid. The first would be the key ring of a wheel (something) key of the back wheel of a truck. And the second a exhibition of tents of the hottentots.

And I remember there's a very long German word for what we Dutch would call a "wissel", the mechanism to let a train change tracks. Eisenbahnhinundherschieb-something. But that might be a joke...

5:06 AM  
Blogger Adam Solomon said...

Wow! I'd love to study just a bit of Icelandic one day to see exactly what grammar forms such words. Interesting schtuff :P

3:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice. However, it's screwed up the formatting on the Dynamics of Cats site! (Is there a word expressing that?)

5:44 AM  

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