Friday, July 15, 2005

Friday iPod iChing - get the LED out

Another lazy friday blogging day; enough of this serious political crap.

So, Science did the 125 most important unanswered science questions - we've already done a couple of the Big Ones, so lets look at some of the little ones...

Oh mighty iPod - "Are there physical large extra (space-time) dimensions?" And as an auxillary question, are they Randall-Sundrum type, and can we experimentally access them?

The randomizer whooshes.... whoosh.

  • The Covering: Pourqui Me Reveiller - Pavarotti
  • The Crossing: Santa Claus is Coming to Town - The Cranberry Singers (don't ask)
  • The Crown: Allegretto - Julian Bream - Music of Spain
  • The Root: Sister Moon - Sting
  • The Past: Golden Years - Bowie
  • The Future: Presto - Mozart
  • The Questioner: Interlude VI - Mannheim
  • The House: Oliver's Army - Elvis Costello
  • The Inside: Love Her Madly - The Doors
  • The Outcome: Space Oddity - Bowie

Wow. I swear, I do a single "no high rated preferences" randomizer spin...
That's an answer.

As before, the Key as explained by Sean

So, what have we got -

Important Events: Why Awaken?
Current Obstacles: Santa Claus is Coming to Town?!
Best we can do now: Allegretto - that's got to be good
Past events: Sister Moon - had to look that one up - hm, gravity but no light - very good...
The Past: Golden Years! -- The Future: Presto - De Junge Mozart at that!
The Questioner: an anonymous New Age interlude, figures... ;-( Nice little tune though.
Other People: Oliver's Army !
The Inside: Love Her Madly - looking good for Prof Lisa Randall here methinks
The Outcome: Space Oddity!!! No shit!

That'd be a "yes". There are Large Extra Dimensions and they're Randall-Sundrum type, infinite, but with gravitons massive off-brane and no gauge field propagation.

Holy crap. The iPod has spoken.


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