Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What would W do?

Well, the USS Enterprise is in the eastern Med and has not reached the Persian Gulf to rotate, or supplement, the USS Reagan.
So a May 27++ strike seems less likely (Norfolk papers reported the Gulf as the Enterprise's destination when she sailed in April).
There have been interesting naval movements, including a ammo ship setting sail in the Pacific a couple of weeks ago, fully loaded. Supposedly. Interesting timeline of recent events in Nuclear Mangos.

So, lets say we were in a pessimistic mood: what would be the most inept, undiplomatic thing to do now?
I got it, lets launch a pre-emptive war on someone during the World Cup. A true act of a Unifier.

If you really want to go for maximum mess, demonstrating or threatening Venezuela or Bolivia in June as well.

After all, it is also Hurricane season then, and the WHO is looking to go stage 4 on Avian 'flu, and bin Laden just sent out a tape.

BTW - I stick with my conjecture that bin Laden tape followed by Zarqawi tape shortly after is a "go signal" for some aQ cell; with possibility that a second bin Laden tape is a "wave-off" though I think that has only happened once or twice.

So many possibilities, and that is without worrying about US domestic issues. Such interesting times.


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