Friday, May 19, 2006

Iranian dress codes

Interesting wave of stories spreading out of Canada about an Iranian law on national dress

Here, for posterity, is some info on it from before the National Post story

National Post perspective from Amir Taheri

How clothes became politicized

Iran MPs turn to fashion

Dressed to Kill

Boycott Western Fashion

New dress code - Onset of hostility

Forced Arabization of Persia! - this is an interesting perspective

New dress requirement

Interesting how this story suddenly spun; and how the NP story was picked up so fast

Also, while there is an Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Orientation, at least as of a couple of weeks ago, he was not a Mostafa Pourharandi, but Hossein Saffar Harandi. Maybe they changed, or he is a sub-minister so obscure as to never before have been mentioned on the Web.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thankfully, it appears the bizarre Nazi-esque religious angle was a boondoggle constructed by iranian expats in Canada: see Matt Yglesias at TPM. To paraphrase Brad DeLong, the Iranians are often worse than we would imagine, but not worse than we can imagine.

2:35 PM  
Blogger Steinn said...

Oh yeah, the National Post story was clearly wrong, what was fascinating was how with a little additional spin and creative interpretation a paid neocon speaker could plant a story in foreign media and light up the web. Meme is embedded where it was aimed, too late to fix that.

I'm still slightly bemused about the Minister of Islamic Orientation. Either they couldn't be bothered to look him up, or there is a poor low level minion being cited as the Minister.

Original story, including the outrage over the "arabization" of good heterodox Persians is quite fascinating

10:28 PM  

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