Thursday, March 09, 2006

More on Enceladus

Ooh, pretty!

Ouch, this is getting way overhyped.
It is interesting, informative and good news, but it has taken off in a way that was clearly not expected, especially since the news has been hinted at for quite a while now...

Anyway, here's some links:

Nature has some of the images. That's actually funny, since Science has not yet got todays Science Express articles up, Nature is reporting on the Science paper before Science has it out.

Here's the official NASA spiel - good hustle by someone at PAO, they've bumped the press material onto the front page at as well

PS: Actual Science papers are out... - thanks Brian!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Science finally has the articles up.

Enceladus has been my favorite moon since Cassini arrived at Saturn, especially during the 2005 encounters. I still hope that there will be an extended mission, because close flybys of Enceladus are planned to determine its internal structure.

Though I was a little mystified when a speaker from the University of Hawai'i mentioned "the discovery of water on tiny EnSELuhdus" at a Titan presentation during AAS. Partly because, even though I was aware of the correct intonation, I couldn't shake "EncelAHdus" out of my head, and partly because Enceladus hardly qualifies as tiny when it's a nice ellipsoid with multiple geological units and ice geysers. The third syllable is still "a" not "uh", though, as far as I'm aware.

I'm going to call Ariel as another possible place for geyser environments. It looks rather like what we knew of Enceladus pre-Cassini, if older. Quaoar may at some point also be an interesting place to check.

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