Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Fake News

So, I caught the Daily Show last night (yeah dood, I got it on tape, and mondays - all Cheney all the time...).
Very cosy, or would have been if the Munchkin hadn't then decided to do one of his midnight-to-3-AM walkabouts, but I digress.

The "guest segment" on the Daily Show was another book promo, for "Thousand Barrels a Day" by Tertzakian.
It was funny, and interesting, and sobering - not because of the doom'n'gloom oil stuff, but because beneath the humour an expert was getting many minutes of direct face time on a news show to discuss in laymens' terms a serious issue.

And this is on the "fake news" show.
Never, ever, would you see something like this 4 nights per week on an actual real news show.
Maybe once upon a time Nightline would have done occasional specials on this. Local or national news, on a regular basis, never.

No wonder the Daily Show advertising demographics are so screwed.
Although I persist in believing that the back-to-back scheduling of the operatic TIAA-CREF ads with the "Girls Gone Wild" videos is deliberate and part of the show's humour.


Blogger John said...

Dood--yer saving our lives with the DS. We're schooling Katrina early with cutting satire :)

I owe you some major Skyr in about 4 weeks!

2:15 PM  

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