Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Phew. The P-street Whole Foods DID have skyr!

It is is stocked in the "grab-n-go" breakfast bar at the front of the store, not the dairy section (smjör is there though).

I wonder if they'll be annoyed if I buy it all on my way out of DC...?


Anonymous /gkb. said...

i've been trying to find skyr and smjör stateside for years ... have you run across it anywhere other than DC? though, these two items alone would be worth a road trip in and of themselves. have you found plain skyr, or just the flavored varieties?

now, if i could just find someplace that carried mjölkurkex, apollo lakkrís and nóa kúlur, i'd be set.

7:14 PM  

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