Monday, September 19, 2005

adopt a blog - what's up in Iceland

adopt-a-blog - because connectivity is an intrinsice good

    So, a random walk through Icelandic blogs - because someone has to.
    Frighteningly enough, now ~ 25% of Icelanders blog, and by far the most popular blogs seem to be teen gossip blogs.
    Way to keep in touch with the scene...

  • LuFzUr - second most popular blog on, this week. Group blog of almost dozen women. Social calendar and gossip. I miss Reykjavík.
    Lufzurnar .. .nah, none of them seem to be my cousins, at least not closer than third cousins.

  • VIPs- seventh most popular blog on this week. Group blog of a dozen boys. Boasting and gossip. Ah, the good old days.

  • Álfheiður - in New York - Icelandic Yalie Investment Banker.
    Stream of Consciousness and family connect stuff.

  • Iceland Eyes photo blog. Interesting perspective from Reykjavík

  • Lessons learned. Digicams and weblogs are going to change the social calendar of teens in small societies more than I realised. Unintended consequences: well, now your parents know what you did last weekend, as opposed to the old days when they just suspected, knew by inference or chose to not believe their kids would actually do such things.
    I'm glad to see things haven't changed much though.

    Icelanders abroad tend to use blogs to keep family and friends connected to their lives. Big surprise.
    Women seem more prolific bloggers than men, but that may be a bias in the search patterns I used.

Yeah, I think I'll continue this - do a horizontal cut on some sub-field of blogs 1-2 times per week; look for random links and links by fields, try to jump to places I'd usually not ever find by vertial links.


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