Friday, August 05, 2005

iPod iChing - Planet X?

It is friday, back to our regularly scheduled feature, courtesy of Sean.

Little topical question this week: Oh, wonderful iPod - is Pluto really a planet?

Whoosh, the Randomizer Whooshes...

  • The Covering: The Big Country - Talking Heads
  • The Crossing: You Cause as Much Sorrow - Sinead O'Connor
  • The Crown: Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits
  • The Root: E lucevan le stelle - Pavarotti
  • The Past: Gefðu mér gott í skóinn - Strumparnir
  • The Future: Zum Ziele furth dich diese - Mozart
  • The Questioner: Menuett G-dur - Mozart
  • The House: Eisler on the go - Billy Bragg and Wilco
  • The Inside: How Beautiful You Are - Cure
  • The Outcome: Sevillana - Julian Bream, Music of Spain

As always, the Key as explained by Sean

Well, Covering and Crossin make sense.
Crown and Root, well, I guess this does swing back and forth. And the stars surely were shining...
The Past: hm, this is a christmas song "give me goodies in my shoe", sung by the Smurfs, in Icelandic (don't ask, just be grateful it wasn't the Macarena, done by the Smurfs, in Icelandic). Yeah ok.
Future: Magic Flute - join the Sun Cult! ;-)
Questioner's role is trivial in this - am I glad. Some controversies are too intense to touch, and Harvard has a dog in this fight... big question is whether Caltech will want to claim a true planet discovery or take the credit for knocking Pluto off its pedestal.
The House is curious "don't know what I'll do..." is the refrain.
The Inside yeah, sure.
The Outcome? Sevillana is apparently a folk dance, not from Sevilla. The beginners Flamenco, stable and vivid, involving the whole family.

So... my interpretation is that Pluto really is a planet, but the people who actually decide these things are undecided.
No shit.

Heh. Mighty is the iPod, and mighty too are the High Priests who deliver the Word of the iPod.
Although we are of course as nothing to the wonders of the iPod and the software that runs the randomizer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eisler was kicked out of the country in 1948, so I think the House may be a little more troublesome for Kuiper Belt objects being classified among the least among certain parts of the astro community.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Zaira said...

What an interesting thought,'ve got a fresh style
in catching someone's attention huh?that's great!

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