Sunday, August 28, 2005

adopt a blog

connectivity is good - here are 4 more random grabs from random encounters

  • Qulog Dutch grad student in physics education; intro quantum in secondary education (now that would be a good thing); gender issues in science. Swiped from Cosmic Variance blogroll

  • Blog Central (Iceland) apparently 10% of Icelanders now (hm, outdated number, wonder what it is up to now) blog. Damn. Nature or nurture, you decide.

  • Bláberin (blue-berries) 5th most popular blog on, this week, svaka gellur, ha? Hm, snapshots of the teen social scene in Reykjvík; only of interest to those who need to know who is doing what to whom. I expect at least one of them is actually my cousin and I will be severly reprimanded by the Family...

  • Artema's Universe Hm, trolled a level of Truth Laid Bear for something on astro. USAF texan, speculations on astronomy. Well, he likes Macs, science is shaky but sincere.


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