Thursday, March 19, 2020

Blog in the Time of Covid19

"Advice from a historian in the Boston area: Start keeping a journal today, ideally a hand written one if that’s within your ability. Write about what you’re seeing in the news, how yr friends are responding, what is closed in yr neighborhood or city or state or country. Save it."
A tweet of Great Wisdom 

My handwriting is really bad,  like can't read my own grocery lists bad...

Town is near empty.
Most of the students are gone. 
But the neighbourhood is relatively crowded as people don't go to work, and kids are not in school, and so they go for walks, with the kids, with their dogs, with each other.

Walking The Dog a lot between telecons.  Dog likes it. A lot.
Dogs still haven't quite shaken out the social dynamics of the new sparsely crowded dog space - as people are out more with the dogs but we're all avoiding each other.

Thought the remaining students had thrown a party in the park early evening, but it was a group of students doing dance exercises to loud music in the park, carefully spacing their yoga mats in a big circle 6-10 feet apart.  I infer I was not the first neighbour to have swung by to see wtf was going on.

 Spending too much time on twitter, obsessing about peer situations, news, and science developments.

Fair amount of pressure to make sure coronavirus/covid19  arXiv preprints don't get held up in moderation, they are mostly epidemiology and numerical contagion models, but also need to filter out the usual to keep the noise down.
q-bio mods doing a good job. 

Wegman's had Toilet Paper.  Rationed to two packs per customer.


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