Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Why, yes, it is all about me...

Dynamics of Cats is back.

This is the original, Ye Olde, blog, started back in March of 20065, it had a decent run through June 2006, at which point I was invited to join the Scienceblogs collective at what was then SEED magazine.

A fun decade ensued, as blogs boomed,  markets crashed, SEED realized Sb was keeping the rest of the group going, and then National Geographic ate Sb, which then started to shrivel.

I blog strictly to amuse myself, no promises.

I find blogging is good warmup for serious writing.  Actual output is very sensitive to Real Life,  I tend to be more prolific when busy doing stuff, and less prolific when subsumed by administrivia and other intrusions from The World.

I'm a physicist, educated in England, PhD from a small private university in California.
Postdocs in NoCal and back to UK, and now a Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at The Pennsylvania State University.
Which is Good In Parts.

I am a member of:

I have never taken a class in astronomy, for credit.

In my copious spare time I am a Science Editor for the AAS Journals,
I am also a member of the Aspen Center for Physics 
and most recently I became the Scientific Director of arXiv

Steinn Sigurdsson Appointed as arXiv Scientific Director

As noted above (you did read the disclaimer...),
I do not speak for any of these Institutions upon this here blog.

We also have a dog.
Named after the poet-warrior of the Sagas.
Don't ask, he had the name when he moved in with us.

We used to have cats, but they, sadly, died.


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