Monday, June 05, 2006

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Big Kid is playing football (proper association football, or soccer for you misguided yanks out there).
Er, well, three-a-side on a mini-pitch with infinite substitution and no goalies, but they run around a lot and kick the ball.

So... I've already got over the realization that some of the coaches are coaching bodychecking and elbowing... seems a bit unnecessary, but I suppose it is part of the game. But, last sunday it went too far.

The opposing team, after going down early on, if I may say so, a brilliant goal involving good hustle and well timed passing, started to line up for setplays scowling and growling and screaming. Bad little sports.
Well, the bloody coach, I finally heard first hand, was coaching them to use their "mean faces" and "angry voices"!

WTF is with that?!

Oh, the coaches self-referee. Did I mention that?
Because if you pulled this crap in a real game you'd be yellow carded for unsportsmanlike conduct.
What is the point? It is not part of the game, those kids were not having fun, and win/loss record was not kept.
Well, it works. Even the parents who had never played football realised something was wrong because our kids body language was wrong, they were holding back, not charging the ball or running through the defence - 'cause from their perspective there was something seriously wrong, psycho wrong, with those other kids.

Anyway, we had a chat at halftime and decided humour was the best defence. Didn't work.
Human kid brains are really trained to flinch from open anger and hostility.
The other kids can't have been having any fun, I expect none will continue playing, but for an hour, neither did our kids.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is why little league and lots of other organized sports aimed at kids suck so much. Stupid parents who need to win, all of the time.

I went to one of my nephew's games and the opposing coach was directing people to make hard tackles. These kids are like 12. I mean, what the hell, it is not like his contract is on the line. It reminded me why I hated sports as a kid though.

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