Friday, June 02, 2006

iPod iChing - Oracular Six

A cryptic friday, and we are late. No noscience today.

iPod, we ask: what will the next month bring?


  • The Covering: Lost John - Lonnie Donnegan

  • The Crossing: Exodus - Bob Marley

  • The Crown: Encore - O Sole Mio - Three Tenors

  • The Root: Magic Flute - Mozart

  • The Past: Girlfriend is Better - Talking Heads

  • The Future: Somewhere only we know - Keane

  • The Questioner: The Internationale - Billy Bragg

  • The House: Ó blessuð vertu sumarsól - traditional

  • The Inside: Meunier Tu Dors - Sien Diels

  • The Outcome: Mommy, Daddy, You and I - Talking Heads

#11 Redundant - Green Day; #12 Rite of Spring

Hm. Changes, revolution, summer and love.

As always, the Key as explained by Sean


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