Friday, June 02, 2006

carrier convergence

Nuclear Mangos has a link to a web page in japan that US Aircraft carriers
No idea how reliable are, though some of their info is consistent with stuff in the news, and some is dated.

So... the USS Reagan was in the Persian Gulf, been there 3 months, but been almost six months at sea.
Carrier rotation is six months, so it should be headin back to the US soon. It backed out of the Gulf this week and was in the Indian Ocean.

The USS Enterprise was in the Med, but supposedly crossed the canal to the Red Sea and is near the Persian Gulf.
Norfolk news reported in April she was deploying to the Gulf.

USS Lincoln is in the Pacific, with a six month rotation should go back at the end of June, just made a short stop in Japan.
The USS Stennis scooted out to sea, apparently, right after a visit from Cheney last weekend.
The Stennis could be going to replace the Lincoln.

Anyway, if the US wanted, they could have four carriers just outside the Persian Gulf in the next 4 weeks.
Or they could send two home for well deserved rest. Hope to hear the Reagan and Lincoln are back in harbour soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On June 18 John F Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan appeared together! See photo.

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