Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Oo, I'm all a-quiver

NYT features the recent NASA GSFC press announcementon calculation of gravitational waveform inspiral from black hole coalescence

(more pretty pictures)

animations and full image package

here is the actual paper

Good kick ass science, real hustle to get the brute force sim done after the algorithm stability issues were resolved

Ever so slightly overhyped press release. Most unlike NASA really.
But, hey, it is in a good cause...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's in good cause, but it's also annoying that the press release ends with

"Through mathematical intuition, the Goddard team found the appropriate formulations that led to suitable simulations.

Progress also has been made independently by several groups, including researchers at the Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy at the University of Texas, Brownsville, which is supported by the NASA Minority University Research and Education Program."

when it should have been

"GSFC's successful simulations follow in the wake of the groundbreaking results by Pretorius [PRL 95, 121101 (2005)] and by the UTB group [PRL 96, 111101 (2006)]. Indeed, the GSFC and UTB groups came up independently and serendipitously with essentially the same solution to the numerical instabilities plaguing Einstein's equations, although unspoken cross-fertilization of ideas is typical of small research communities such as this. By now several other groups, including one at PSU, have joined the feast with their own successful simulations."

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