Monday, May 15, 2006


Adam - Astro student Marshal

Commencement over the weekend, went to three of the ceremonies friday and saturday. With official duties on two of the three occasions. Good turnout overall. Involves an awful lot of standing around and waiting for short, carefully timed appearances.

Anyway, got four of mine out the door - three advisees (Adam -> IoA, Brian -> OSU, Ryan -> UVa, all Astro/Physics duals with honours) and one honours thesis advisee (Joe -> Ft Benning, Math Phys(minor) with honours in Astro).

Lt. Joe.
Thesis: The effects of quantization of charge and angular momentum on the endpoint of Hawking radiation
In case you're wondering what an airborne ranger needs to know about extremal quantum black holes, you'd be surprised... though I gather the army will make him ride on tracks for his next task.
Personnally I feel it is important for modern infantry officers to be well versed in holography and quantum information theory.


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