Friday, May 05, 2006


Goss's resignation is, probably due to something boring, like sex and money.
Although some of the speculation is a bit interesting (CIA got the photos and forced him out? or is he really smart enough to oppose a strike on Iran and the admin forced him out?).
Big questions is whether this leaves the CIA marginalised within the White House, and totally reliant on the DoD for intel.
(LJs take here)

But, what is up with Jack Straw being fired. That is somewhat worrying, and the grauniad is rampantly speculating...

One is curious, two is a coincidence. We await a three.

On a different note, the 8th Air Force has a new commander. Gen Chilton up and out, Gen Elder in. Things are really moving.
8th Air Force... command for the B-2s and 2 B-52 wings.


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