Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Second Best?!

Money Magazine ranks the Top 50 jobs

College Professor comes second, right after software engineer.

So we infer that professors of software engineering are the happiest people of all?

Or is it professors who do engineering of software?
Or software engineers who profess?

'course Physical Scientists is way down at #16... one above the engineers and two above the curriculum developers.

Now I am confused. What if you're a physicist PhD who is a professor of software engineering who is developing a curriculum?

Is there really a separate profession of curriculum developers?

Management Analysts are ranked below Physicians, and, man, their mean salary sucks.
Fortunately Mental Health Counselor beats out Lawyer but Lawyers are ranked above Biologists?! and Environmental Scientists? Must be a salary weighing.
At least Registered Nurses are ranked above School Administrators.

Most growth is predicted for Physical Therapist Assistants but CSIs and Hydrologists are way up there too

Astronomers are pretty far down there in the big listing, low growth prospects but interesting mean salary. Money Magazine forecasts 79 new jobs in US Astronomy in the next decade.
I suspect they are badly miscounting - they must be not counting NASA scientists, and probably miss US off-shore facilities, there is likely to be steady state in university astronomer, growth in observatory personnel, and shrinkage in NASA positions.

They forecast a decrease in demand for Mathematicians, 33 jobs to be lost, along with Computer-Controlled Tool Operators (metal and plastic [but not wood?]), Fire Inspectors and Semiconductor Processors (I thought that was a thing, not a person, and that there was growth potential there...)

Hm, what to do with all those extra mathematicians, lets think...


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