Tuesday, April 18, 2006


This is an anecdotal, selection biased peeve, but...
A lot of children's books have pictures of the crescent moon, from the context it is clear that the setting is early evening in the northern hemisphere, so it must be a waxing moon.

So wtf do more than half of them (anecdotally) have the crescent pointing to the right?
Is this some art aesthetic?
This is so trivial, yet so easy to do right with negligible extra effort.
And then we wonder why "Stars for Poets" students have a hard time understanding the geometry of the phases of the moon, they've been subliminally indoctrinated since birth to see the moon with the wrong crescent. Assuming they actually read books back then.

One of these days:
I've been dicing-with-death all semester carrying the laptop balanced on top of my folder to and from class. Today it finally took a dive to the floor... case is dinged, DVD drive is making worrying nosies, and the battery now claims to be good for 80+ hours (I could be onto something here). But it still works, for now.

I already knew that carrying the 12" Dongle in my back pocket was not a good idea; earlier this semester I sat on it and bent the "green pin". Fortunately my lecture notes look pretty good in magenta.

iTunes theme of the day - alternating Violent Femmes with Billy Bragg's International (extended play version).

And I have four senior theses to read in 3 days. Oo-ja.


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