Friday, April 21, 2006

is it worth the effort?

it is near the end of semester, and everybody is getting edgy;
it is the time of year when there are reports of fights and harassment between students. Lot of honking of cars, squealing of tires and overheard mutterings of "fuck".

So... walking back to the office I hear some student screaming abuse - at me it turns out, he didn't appreciate me crossing the road at a marked crosswalk with a stop sign. Slowed him down for half a second I guess.
Now this is a big campus, but surprisingly not actually that big, and he was in a fairly distinctive car. Very distinctive car.
Senior I believe, with a friend.

I was mildly bemused, then a bit angry.

So, is it worth it? Should I followup and let them experience some consequences for being obnoxious assholes?
I don't know if they figured they were safely anonymous, or if they didn't figure someone in jeans and t-shirt would be faculty.
Either way it was a stupid thing to do, but stupid enough to make their lives extremely miserable for a couple of weeks, or do
I just figure it is one of those things and let go...?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nah, let it go. Sides, there's not something that you could ethically do to them. If, however, you'd get a petty thrill out of it, I rescind the previous (after all, we all need a thrill every once in a while. mwahaha. mwahaha. mwahahahahahaha...)

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