Friday, April 28, 2006

Fractal Dust Sims

While I am on a streak...

Explicit numerical modeling of dust aggregates from sub-micron grains, in the presence of short range non-Coulomb forces is an excellent short term student project; 6-12 month starter in numerical simulations. Fun, high risk, but potentially interesting.

Offered it a couple of times, no one bit.
'Course getting funding to do it properly could be a bit tricky. Not much in "blue sky, wild idea" research nowadays.

Maybe it could be sold as nanotech, understanding dust chain formation in microgravity to safeguard space qualified electronic components...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yech, dust....

The nanotech approach may work, but, as a suggestion, I would think about the Stardust people as well. Some of them even do laboratory astrophysics at government labs.

12:47 AM  

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