Monday, April 10, 2006


There are three ways by which something may "not be on the Agenda":

it is not being considered as an option;

it has been considered as an option and been rejected;

it has been considered as an option and accepted...

End of discussion.

Oh, and saying that something is "completely nuts" is orthogonal to answering whether it is planned, intended or will happen...
it is an opinion about the advisability of an action, not an answer as to whether the action is to happen.

Jack the Lad has quite a way with language.

PS: ok, paranoia is a diverting sideline, and Krugman (behind the NYT wall) has a take on it this morning.

Seriously: get worried if two or more of the following occur

1-2 more aircraft carriers deploy to the "west Pacific" without a matching carrier returning to harbour

several 2-4 star generals quietly resign to spend time with their families

Whiteman AFB goes into a news blackout


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