Tuesday, March 28, 2006

DC net.celebrity blogging

So... found myself down at the Capitol end of the Mall for a while today. Interesting place.

What did we see:

a motorcade - 8 bikecops + 4 cars with sirens, black limos and 2-3 vans with large men in tight suits. Heading west on Constitution at about 2 pm.
I guess Cheney was done with lunch with the Senate Republicans.
Dude should walk, not that far, do him good. DC is not Baghdad, it is actually safe for politicians to walk across downtown, or so I have heard.

Checking out in the lobby, Markos " The Kos" Moulitsas! Am fairly sure, looked like him anyway, couldn't stop to chat. I had to dash back, forgot my badge, seemed friendly, I fear he may have been one of the neighbours the Big Kid kept up all night with her loud insistence on Things That Are Important At A Certain Age. Sorry dude.

Spotted on E Street - a toddler in an all 66North outfit - moss green, jacket and one of those excellent hats that only look good on kids. Cool.

Keith Cowing of NASAwatch. Just checked though, no hot stories about AbSciCon there or on Bummer.

Oh, and the restaurant we headed to for lunch had closed, accidentally stumbled on to the Andale on the 400 block of 7th Street (NW) instead.
It is an actual decent Mexican restaurant on the East Coast. As good as a good west coast restaurant (and, no, I haven't been gone that long). Recommended.


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