Monday, February 13, 2006

Social Affairs l'Deutsch

The following points need to be addressed by the scientific community, through their professional societies, such as the American Astronomical Society, Americal Physical Society and American Association for the Advancement of Science:

1) What was Mr Deutsch's civil service rank? How many political appointees are there typically, and currently, at that level?

2) Was Mr Deutsch hired in accordance with Civil Service and NASA procedures? Was he properly cleared for his position, and if so, how come the discrepancy in his resume was not noted?

3) Who instigated the hiring of Mr Deutsch? Was the hiring done by NASA HQ, or due to direct orders from the White House? If so, who ordered it?

4) Are there other political appointees within the science agencies, (my concerns are specifically NASA or NSF) who are editing, censoring or otherwise distorting the public dissemination of publicly funded scientific research?
If so, who? And who put them there and when?

Push back.

For what it is worth - you can't get a coffee at the NASA HQ cafeteria without being cleared, there are permanent staff in the building whose full time job it is to clear people. And a very big (and very nice, as long as you behave) ex-Air Force sergeant on the gate who makes sure no one goes in that building without clearance.
If you ever get stopped, say because your clearance expired between your invitation and your arrival, I suggest you reminisce about winters in south west Iceland. Always a good conversation piece.


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