Monday, February 06, 2006

NSF budget request

Here is the agency report on the Request

MPS division

"...Emphasisis o nstrengthening investments across theMPSportfolio. Themes to be
emphasized include: Physics of the Universe, Fundamental Mathematical and
Statistical Science, Physical Sciences at the Nanoscale, Cyberinfrastructure and the
Cyberscience it Enables, and theMolecular Basisof Life Processes. Includes a $15
million investment to reinforce NSF support for university-based research in
elementary particle physics."

Particle physics has done well this year. Bastards ;-)

Astronomical Sciences gets an extra $15 million - that is 7.7%
Physics gets an extra $15 million - that is 6.6% - that mean ALL the new physics money is for particles?

Anyway, NSF not looking too bad, depending on how the "PoU" statements will be interpreted at the program level

Multidisciplinary gets 10%, but not much actual money. Nano and quantum stuff I expect.

Winners: NVO, Gemini instruments, GSMT (30m telescope)

Physics to interact with Astro...

Physics of the Universe activities look promising...

LIGO and Gemini get more money

Centers are up $8 million

LSST is in

Extra $10 million for PI grants??? That would be very nice.

ALMA is in


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Wow, lucky us!

4:48 PM  
Blogger Steinn said...

Yeah, these are mostly seed development funds, "pre-phase A" in NASAspeak.
To actually build LSST and GSMT they'll need a huge ramp up in the facility line over the next few years, or the programs go into a line stretching some to decades.

There's some interesting language on private partnerships in there - I'm figuring they want the 30m projects consolidated with the NSF proposal, and some private $ for LSST (I say Google the Universe!)

ALMA should be through the gate.

I'm worried about advanced LIGO

2:37 PM  

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