Thursday, February 09, 2006

NASA - word

So, some NASA things I heard were not to be repeated, but I now have a second and open source, so...

I hear from a NASA facility in SoCal that a NASA AA is there right now, and that "SOFIA, NuSTAR, TPF and Keck Outriggers are canceled".

I'm still totally bemused by SOFIA, and I think its loss is a much bigger blow than is appreciated right now.
Cutting NuSTAR is silly, Explorers are cost effective and there should be some hard x-ray capability, not to mention use of development resources built up over the decades.
Previously TPF was "indefinitely deferred", but now "canceled" is a word in use.
I don't know if that means the entire Navigator program or what.

I also hear NASA HQ may see serious turn over of senior staff.
Think we hit the "Mad as Hell and Not going to Take It Any More" phase.

PS: the ROSES omnibus Request for Proposals only came out a couple of weeks ago.
The first "postponement" of opportunity announcement came last night. First of many I expect.

FWIW: item B.6 "Living with a Star/Collaborative Studies with C/NOFS" is indefinitely postponed

I also just noticed that 10 program elements were not solicited this year, mostly in Earth Sciences. Curious. More than I remember seeing in previous years, but the ROSES format does change year-to-year


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