Monday, February 06, 2006

NASA - end of the University

More NASA budget...

Page SMD 3-42:

Changes from FY 2006 (Universe Research)

Fewer new grants and research awards will be selected

Oh, and HETE-2 and RXTE are to be shut down.
They also show Swift to be shut down early 2007 and Chandra in 2010, I hope those are nominal mission life plans, not actual dates.

Biologial and Physical Research have become Human Systems Research
It is cut by more than 50% in the process.
Basically all applied "astronaut life support" stuff now.

SpaceGrant and EPSCoR are cut

GSRP increases and there is a new USRP program.

There are some games being played, doing comparisons with requests in previous budgets as opposed to actual funding in previous budgets.

MUREP is cut significantly

"Informal Education" (ie Museums/Planetariums/Science Centers) will do well. - Makes sense, they can be spread around to Congressional districts, and they are anecdotally effective


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