Monday, February 06, 2006

NASA details

NASA summary budget

Aeronautics cut 18%
Education cut 5.6%
Advanced Business Systems cut 31%
Innovative Partnerships cut 8%
Columbia high end computing gets $32 million - not bad

The Workforce summary is not cheering, it seems to be saying they need to fire 5% or more of the workforce

The bit at the end about management of real estate assets is also interesting.

Ok - Explorations Systems - UP 76% - this is CEV and Constellations development (not Con-X, sorry)
Earth-Sun - UP 2%
Solar System - UP 2%
Universe - UP 0.1% - the decimal is in the right place there

Hm. $336 for HST MODA, and "prep for STS servicing in early '08". I will be very, very surprised if HST is serviced by the Shuttle in 2008. That's $1-200 million down the drain.

$443 million for JWST development.

GLAST and Kepler are in good shape.
SIM gets just under $100 million.

Big question is what happens to university programs (I'll talk about recently announced ROSES-06 Real Soon Now) and future missions like SNAP, LISA, Con-X and TPF
There would be no room for a ramp up for these if I read the budget right.

De facto cut for Universe, and that is before the Congressional earmarks which will knock out another $100 million++


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder what they did with what was once slated for IMAGE. And is MMS NASA or NSF, hmmm.

6:02 AM  
Blogger Steinn said...

Hm, IMAGE is in orbit.

What was MMS?
Oh, I see Magnetospheric MultiScale Mission - that is a NASA , they're in pre-phase A if I read it correctly

MMS gets $41 million, nothing to sneeze at.

IMAGE is funded through 2010 nominally

2:32 PM  

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