Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Michael Reloaded

Penn State still #1

Bérubé explains

Hah. Michigan is a distant second...

Vote seems to have closed, shame, the totals were getting to be impressive and PSU was staying ahead despite a late come back from MIT - Chomsky was racing into second before they flushed the votes and did it over.

In a related development here is an interesting local story:

Student files suit against Penn State

"...The lawsuit alleges that Penn State has "an Orwellian speech code policy that is vague, overbroad and suppresses the discussion of controversial viewpoints."

...Penn State spokesman Tysen Kendig said that the university does not have a speech code."

Inconvenient that.

"There has never been an instance in which Penn State has even tried to circumvent basic first amendment rights," he said.

and then the Collegian picks up on our Worsest Perfessers... worth a read to get to the last line

We do have a Code of Conduct

Of course if we enforced section 14 half of the students would have been expelled after the Ohio State game...

Here is the long version
Pages 13-14 1.a-1.e are pretty clear.

There is of course the legendary AD29 - policy on intolerance, let us see...

The expression of diverse views and opinions is encouraged in the University community. Further, the First Amendment of the United States' Constitution assures the right of free expression. In a community which recognizes the rights of its members to hold divergent views and to express those views, sometimes ideas are expressed which are contrary to University values and objectives. Nevertheless, the University cannot impose disciplinary sanctions upon such expression when it is otherwise in compliance with University regulations.

So, please don't be mean. If you're mean and break the rules then Judicial Affairs will infer intent and adjust the sanction accordingly. But if you're just a meanie, well, there's nothing we can actually do, but would you please not be a meanie.

Hm, there's an EE project to do some speech recognition code, maybe that is what they mean...


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