Friday, February 24, 2006

iPod iChing - the week ahead

It is friday, it is iPod time, and just this once, for obscure technical reasons, I ask the iPod an open question: what is in store for us, in general, for the next week or so?

Whoosh goes the randomizer. Whoosh.

  • The Covering: Havanaise op. 83 for violin - Perlman

  • The Crossing: One Love/People Get Ready - Bob Marley

  • The Crown: A Tisket, A Tasket - Twin Sisters

  • The Root: Jaded - Green Day

  • The Past: Warning Sign - Talking Heads

  • The Future: A Home - Dixie Chicks

  • The Questioner: Firebird, II Dance of the Firebird - Stravinsky

  • The House: Live Bed Show - Pulp

  • The Inside: Baby I Can Hold You - Tracy Chapman

  • The Outcome: Steal Your Heart Away - Bonnie Raitt

#11 is Firebird again, and #12 is an Icelandic christmas classic (I get a present...)

So a mellow jaded week ahead. Cosy, there have been warning signs, but really that's pretty mellow for now. I'll take that.

As always, the Key as explained by Sean


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