Friday, February 10, 2006

iPod iChing - Huge Hot Hunks of CDM

Thank the iPod, it is Friday... and it is time for our weekly divination of what will be up in science...

So, recently refreshed and eternally sage iPod: the news out of the UK, that Cold Dark Matter has significant dispersion and characteristic large scale - is this for real, and reflecting CDM physics, or is it just boring clumping or baryonic physical processes that are fooling us?

Whoosh goes the randomizer. Whoosh...

  • The Covering: Maria - Green Day

  • The Crossing: Behind The Wall - Tracy Chapman

  • The Crown: Ship in My Harbour - Billy Bragg

  • The Root: Relaxation Spa Treatment - Dan the Automator

  • The Past: Rip Her to Shreds - Blondie

  • The Future: Jólasveinninn minn - Hljómar

  • The Questioner: It's Time to Clean Up - Twin Sisters

  • The House: Romeo and Juliet Overture - Tchaikovsky

  • The Inside: Clash City Rockers - Clash

  • The Outcome: Lilli Stríðir Refnum - Thorbjorn Egner

#11 is Headphones - Björk and #12 is "If you're happy and you know it..." - Twin Sisters

Hm, I am confused.
Early days I guess, but The Root and Past are as good a summary of violent relaxation of hierarchical collapse of mini-halos as I have ever seen... although Rip Her to Shreds is truly bitchy.
The Future is "My Santa Claus" - a saccharine wishfulfillment song " will be so fun when he comes, he brings the presents..."
The Questioner is very nice agiain. I like the iPod.

The House is the all time romantic tragedic comedy, all die. Bloody long as well.
The Inside suggest we're in for some in your face peer pressure...

The Outcome is weird - it is a song from a children's play in which a small mouse taunts a fox which is trying to eat him. The fox fails, by the way - it is a smart mouse. (Klatremus from HakkeBakke Skogen - can't find the lyrics...)

As always, the Key as explained by Sean

It's Time to Clean Up

It’s time to clean up clean up
Everybody do your share
Clean up clean up
Soon the mess will not be there

Clean up clean up
Look at this we’re almost done
Toys away -- hey hey hey
Clean-up can be fun


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