Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Adventures in Parenting

So with little ones, there are always surprises.
And I don't mean the normal dings, like tonights over-enthusiastic book reading sending a sharp corner into my left eyeball.
And the time I was wedged fully clothed sideways across a full bathtub, holding a dripping crying munchkin above my head is quite understandable, it wold just take too much time to explain properly. I still haven't figured how I split my lip in the process though.

But, and let this be a warning to, er, both of you... this one is harder to explain.

See, the Big Kid has this beaded string, medium sized plastic beads.
For obscure and irrelevant reasons, they were double looped across my forehead (think Hippie headband).
So, the Munchkin decided to acquisition these, and grabs them, but only gets one loop of the strand.
The beads naturally slide to the nearest potential minimum, namely the bridge of my nose, and then he pulls, hard (did I mention he is fiendishly strong...), tightening the string and the beads pinch my eyelids shut.
Then, some sudden noise, or something, not sure what, makes him let got, but with a complicated twist knotting the string.

So there I am, in some discomfort, can't see, he is on the bed, somewhere, and the Big Kid is debating whether to laugh or go get mummy.
Fortunately, my Boy Scout reflexes kick in and I got the knot untied without resorting either to the Knife (dangerous given the situation) or the Wife (humiliating, given the situation).

So, moral of the story: always know where the blunt scissors are and don't wear things as headbands unless they were certified for such use by the manufacturer...


Blogger John said...

Only now do I fully appreciate and understand the parental obsession with excrement in the early days...though I am obscenely proud to report the wee beastie is doing well on that front. Only too well!

12:20 PM  
Blogger Steinn said...

As a male 'rent, you will not truly have bonded until you have had excreta from all ends deposited upon you.

12:27 PM  
Blogger Steinn said...

PS "early days" Hah!

And, do tell, how many and what colour and texture ;-)

I'll be by in the next couple of days...

2:05 PM  

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