Wednesday, January 11, 2006

NASA - ah so, that is what he meant

NASAwatch passes along NASA budget rumours

So, here is how it will work.

Feds need to be seen to shave "wasteful spending" in the discretionary budget.
So the executive requests a cut to something like STS/ISS - but without cutting the NASA committment to finish what they promised the russians and EU. And Exploration will go forward by directive.

So something has to give.

So funding will be reprogrammed.
Another round of RIFs in the spring at the centers, a couple of large missions cancelled, and basically everything else postponed at the rate of more than a year per year for the next few years. Which will cost more in the long run of course.

Expect a reduced ROSES-06 call for proposals, I hear some lines of proposals will be temporarily suspended; maybe bring back ADP and LTSA and cancels Origins or something. Spread the pain.
Also don't be surprised if there is a clawback of O(10%) from already awarded grants in progresss. Yes, they can do that, read the fine print. Yes it has been done before.

Start sheltering salary lines now, in prep for a (hopefully one time) shortfall in the next fiscal year.


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