Friday, January 06, 2006

iPod iChange - This Is Really Dangerous

Sean at Cosmic Variance directs us to Edge's "Dangerous Question of 2006"

What fun!

Who but the Mighty iPod would dare answer a Dangerous Question!
So, let us begin...

Oh, mighty iPod, whose wisdom and accumen exceeds that of the Greatest Pundits, answer us this Dangerous Question: Steinhardt asks whether the "cosmological constant" could be "slowly evolving" so that the true age of the universe is much larger than inferred from standard FRW approximation cosmology, is it?

Whoosh, goes the randomizer. Whoosh...

  • The Covering: Train in Vain - Clash

  • The Crossing: When Love Comes to Town - U2

  • The Crown: All I Want - Lightning Seeds

  • The Root: Hann Tumi fer á fætur - Björgvin Halldórs.

  • The Past: Make New Friends - Twin Sisters

  • The Future: The Secret Marriage - Sting

  • The Questioner: Cover Me - Björk

  • The House: Ligga, Ligga Lá - Ómar Ragnarsson

  • The Inside: Nessun Dorma - Pavarotti

  • The Outcome: She's Got a New Spell - Billy Bragg

#11 is Eensy Weensy Spider- Twin Sister; #12 No Pride - Green Day...

So, er, NO, I don't think so.
The Outcome is about as definite as you can be; and coincidentally one of my favourites.

Clearly the Future tells us we need to get QFT and GR right together, and that will give us the tools we need to figure out what is going on.
Not gimmicking with the cosmological constant.

I'll have to thank Björk one day for The Questioner... ;-)

While I crawl into the unknown
Cover me

I'm going hunting for mysteries
Cover me

I'm going to prove the impossible really exists
This is really dangerous
Cover me

But worth all the effort
Cover me

I'm going to prove the impossible really exists

FYI - "Hann Tumi..." is a childrens song about the little shepherd boy who gets up early and sits over the sheep while daydreaming about being king, but there's a flaw in his dreams...

Ligga, Ligga - is another children's song, about all the fun thing the child plans to do while on vacation etc - ambitious but modest, if that makes sense.

As always, the Key as explained by Sean

She's Got a New Spell Billy Bragg

What is that sound
Where is it coming from
All around
What are you running from
Something you don't understand
Something you cannot command

That's how I know
She's got a new spell
Yes, that's how I know
That she's got a new spell

What's going down
Who's moved this room from round me
Where has it gone
I fear this night will drown me
So I lie awake all night
'Cos I can't sleep with something I can't fight

The laws of gravity are very, very strict
And you're just bending them for your own benefit

One minute she says
She's gone to get the cat in
The next thing I know
She's mumbling in Latin
She cut the stars out of the sky
And baked them in a pie

She stole the scene and scenery
The script and the machinery


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