Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Home Sweet Home...

NYTimes reminds us of unrest in Iceland.
Hm, microquakes. Hm, jökulhlaup. Mm, H2S.

I have to say, when Iceland kicks up a fuss, it tends to do so with a real attitude.

On a more pleasant topics - I didn't quite manage to empty all the skyr from the P-street Whole Foods, but I did fill the cooler. The intriguing thing is that the guy on the counter did not blink when I came over with armfuls. I suspect a fair fraction of their sales is still expats loading up on shitloads of skyr at a time, not locals grabbing one tub at a time. Although the embassy is nearby, so they should be getting some small volume foot traffic.

Amazingly we're almost out again, the Big Kid and my wife love the blueberry skyr, I'm mostly stick to the vanilla, though I Really Wish Whole Foods had the sense to get the unflavoured, and unsweetened, pure skyr. If I sweeten it myself, I guesstimate I put on about 1/3 of the sugar in the preblended flavoured versions (trick is to use a very thin crust of sugar for texture but let it get some moisture, let it sit, and eat it with skim milk (or cream and fresh berries if you're in the mood).

We're probably set on smjör for several months. Bastards had discontinued the Icelandic lamb, only had New Zealand.
Ne kulturny.


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