Friday, January 27, 2006

The end of the main stream media

Howie at the WaPo digresses at the end of today's Media Notes - he rips into a story by the NYT's Kuczynski about an Oprah show inspiring her to go get her bra properly fitted.
This is an important topic, highly relevant to almost 50% of the population. Not a bad NYT article.

Howie sayz: "...I'll spare you the part about "robustly jiggling" and how she upgrades to a 34D."

I wonder if he's one of those weenies who won't buy tampons for his wife when he goes shopping? Maybe he gets cooties.

Here is Bitch PhD's post last month on the Ultimate Bra Post

So... who would you rather read? Bitch? Kuczynski? Or Howie?


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