Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Deserving More Recognition: Volvo iPod adaptor

Ok, so my conversion to yuppiedum is complete.
Now, some might argue that getting the Volvo (hey, it is the 'sporty sedan' that was meticulously targeted at our demographic, we resisted the wagon - the sedan gets better mileage, and the fraction of the time we actually need the extra space is low enough to be worth rationalising. An we won't consider the SUV until they go hybrid, at the very least. Would buy a hybrid wagon though in a millisecond...) did this, but not truly, deeply, inside, where it counts.
Can't judge by superficial appearances (like those of you who thought the Saab did it - it was used dammit).

Anyway, it was a well rationalised purchase, as exemplified by taking the Big Kid to school this morning (winter is back) and feeling the electronic stabilisers take control of the all wheel drive (yes, I do know how to drive in snow, really I do; I also know when a computer has faster reflexes and better judgement than me); not to mention the extraordinarily interesting statistic of the number of fatalities among back seat passengers in Volvo cars, in the US in the 90s...

But, I digress. Our yuppieness was complete when we obtained the Volvo iPod adaptor retrofit (and, yes, it does cost more than the actual iPod - takk, kærlega!).
It is wonderful. iPod slots in, integrates with the music system (it shows up as a "CD changer", rationally enough, on our car), and you can access it through the steering wheel thumb controls, as well as the dashboard.
Made cruising through the morning rush-15-minutes rather pleasant while flicking through playlists in the snow.

yeah, yeah, so what is the big deal?

Two kids
Multi-hour roadtrips
Finite number of CDs
- and you always forget to bring the one that is suddenly the all time favourite-can't-live-without
so now we bring along ALL the CDs, and the ones grown ups like too.

Our lives have changes; for the better.

Love you iPod.


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