Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Deserving More Recognition: Todmobile

Before Björk's second solo career, and Sigur Rós, but after the great blooming of contemporary Icelandic music triggered by the Spilverk, Bubbi and Stuðmenn, there were a number of what were in retrospect amazingly good bands.

One of the less known, but deserving more recognition, was Todmobile

I was in the US when they took off, so even though my cousin (hæ Eyþór!) was a founding member I have only a passing acquaintance with their complete output and only own one of their albums. Never saw them in concert ;-(

But, they wrote some really good music, and one of my current iTunes favourites is Spiladósalagið (go to #30 on the list (their "best of album") for an online sampler. Win format, sorry).

Try it.


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