Friday, December 30, 2005

Year in Review


Only got to "M" in my play-all-the-songs iTunes marathon. Must finish by AAS meeting...

Got my Inbox to less than 1000 undealt with messages, for now...

Public Resolutions:

update blogroll
finish papers
catch up on arXiv... and Physics Today, A&G and Grauniad

Make a dent in stack of 100+ non-work-related books on "must read" stack

Not in that order

rest of the resolutions are between my and my iPod...


Blogger Neil said...

When I was in your AstroNegative005 class, you referenced being somehow related, or somehow connected, to one of the Sigur Ros chaps. I know you haven't started out on the S’s yet on you iTunes list, but have you sunk your teeth into Takk yet? It’s maybe their most organic outing yet, and if that isn’t the most instantly appealing part of their evolution, it’s proving itself the most rewarding. Love the blog. Well done.

9:42 PM  

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