Thursday, December 15, 2005

the weather outside is frightful...

Ok, so this time the school district was right to cancel school in anticipation of going-home problems...
I must admit the warm rain at ~ 11 am, in temperatures of about -5C was weird, and fortunately brief. Just enough for that 1mm layer of ice under the snow.

So, I can see a "rim" around the roof on the extension outside my office window.

I MUST finish grading the #$#)R)!!$~!&!~ final papers before the brick line disappears under the snow.
It will take one more cup of coffee, is my projection.

However my projection of iTunes finishing all my songs by end of finals week was off by a factor of 2.
Ah well, not bad for a theorist. New target date is Dec 31st, in time for me to finish Physics Today...


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