Friday, December 16, 2005

Sam Bee vs Joe Lieberman - inDecision 2006

Faber straightens me out on the intricacies of US politics (residency requirements in a State As Well As Citizenship, WTF is with that, and, tell me, What About Hillary, eh? And Cheney? Residency, my ass. Anyway, the current Junior Senator from Pennsylvania lives in Virginia...).

But, that aside, the matchup is just too awesome to pass up.

Samantha Bee vs Joe Lieberman for US Senate!

Yes, draft Sam now!
She will sweep the Undecided Voters AND the Soccer Mums, and I'm sure John can deliver the jewish vote.
So that leaves Lieberman high and dry with all three of the Liberal Hawks that are still left north of the Mason-Dixon line, and possibly his immediate family.

I mean, who would you vote for? Samantha "Make a Fucking Choice" Bee, or Joementum Lierberman.

No contest.


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