Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Quarks to Cosmos: EMRI who?

So, I had occasion to look up EMRIs today ("Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals - whereby low mass black holes go splat into supermassive black holes emitting "shitloads" of gravitational radiation in the process - acronym sucks, but it beats my previous take on it which was: "high mass low mass black hole coalescence with low mass high mass black holes" HMLMBHCWLMHMBH just isn't as euphonyous...)

Anyway, Google is magic: Did I write that?

Yes, I did. The Quarks to Cosmos Meeting at Sonoma in 1999.
And the PDF files of the summarised versions of talks are still on the web. Damn. Didn't quite get it proofread by the deadline, eh?
Still, nowadays we'd just dump the Keynote exported files and skip the actual sentences.

But, I had forgot that an early "prediction" of Large Extra Dimensions was anomalous cosmological production of intermediate mass black holes. Now that would be handy if true. Looks like it got poo-poo'ed, but maybe one should reinvestigate. Been long enough to resuscitate as a whacky speculation, eh?

Must be possible to squeeze a few more papers out on that...


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