Friday, December 16, 2005

iPod iChing - I'm Dreamin'

It is late, it is cold. An easy one tonight.

iPod - here, now, white christmas?


  • The Covering: Hello, I Love You - Doors

  • The Crossing: O Isis und Osiris - Mozart

  • The Crown: Body of Water - Billy Bragg

  • The Root: Place Your Hand - Melissa Etheridge

  • The Past: Cry On My Shoulder - Bonnie Raitt

  • The Future: Ég sá Mömmu kissa Jólasvein - Ruth Reginalds

  • The Questioner: O Paradis - Three Tenors

  • The House: Ræningjasögur - Ævar Kvaran

  • The Inside: Man Out of Time - Elvis Costello

  • The Outcome: Enjoy - Björk

#11 is Run - Snow Patrol and #12 is Atlantic City - Hank Williams

Oh, yes. So, totally.

The Future, FYI is "I saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus", in Icelandic. The House is "Robber's Stories"


As always, the Key as explained by Sean


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