Friday, December 02, 2005

I was hoping for something slightly different

So when a website that shall not be named puts a for steinn link up, I have to admit I get intrigued.

Is it new data on the inclination of M4A?
A unique housing opportunity in the Bay Area? (ok, lets be real here)
Bonny Doon finally shipping to PA?

Well, this is almost as good.

Whole Foods is now carrying Icelandic butter, aka smjör.
My last stick is out of the freezer and half-eaten.
It has the vivid yellow hue still, and you can practically taste the meadow grass in each bite.
It is, really, a very good butter.

So, go buy some, and remember the challenge: if your department is within a days drive of central PA and you have Whole Foods you are morally obliged to have me come give a talk, soon... It is a humanitarian sort of thing.

Is Big Matt Yglesias worthy.... Hm, I suppose so.


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