Thursday, December 22, 2005

Complete iTunes

I am headed for defeat, I forgot about the podcasts (specifically the John Peel Day tribute podcasts).
Curses, my iTunes will not finish by christmas or even by new years... maybe by the AAS meeting.
Unless of course I add more over the next week. Argh.

BTW - if I am "typical", then Apple is about to do well - I'm now saturated on exploring my old CD library through iPod and iTunes and am contemplating both getting digital version of the Really Old Stuff (like "tapes" and "LPs" and "45s"), and, more importantly, time to get the random bits of music I always kinda really wanted but it just wasn't worth buying the LP/CD to get that one or two songs.
But for $1 per pop, and it fitting on my iPod and laptop, WTF I'll get thousands.

Er, well, dozens, to begin with.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are alternate sources for older music other than iTunes... I'm not suggesting anything illegal, just noting that they exist...and that the lovely Urbana Free Library, and it's smaller cousin in Champaign, have shockingly thorough music collections, expect for recent pop.

5:46 PM  

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