Thursday, December 29, 2005


Hm, third day of catching up on paperwork.
Recommendations are hard work.

On-line electronic recommendations are clearly a time saver for admission committees, if they are using them correctly and not just printing the stuff out and distributing in folders.
But, the bloody forms are all slightly different, don't auto-fill efficiently (there is a limit to how often I feel like typing my name, phone number and address, auto-fill works best if layout is consistent), and they dump a larger fraction of the evaluation workload on the recommender.

This is a consistent pattern, increased automaton of paperwork in academia shifts the actual workload disproportionately to faculty away from staff and recipients of the extruded papers.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

But the people you're recommending are oh-so-appreciative! As a way of thanking you, some even plan on buying you Icelandic dairy products not widely available in the US.

4:28 PM  

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