Thursday, December 01, 2005

adopt-a-blog: random quickie

adopt-a-blog, because connectivity is good and I feel like it...

  • Jói Fel the fan club of the hottest chef in Iceland.
    Ah, well, something to look into next time I'm up North. Mmm, they have recipeds. Chicken and Brie rolled tortillas? Marinated lamb chops, that's better... 6th most popular blog on Still trying to figure out why Icelanders have suddenly swamped the *.tk domain.

  • Proven by Science Raiding Cosmic Variance blogroll. Not seeing much growth in physics blogs last few months. Or no one is updating their blogrolls, I know I am not. Whacky UK group blog by the looks of it. Numb3rs fans, they read books. Usual mix.

  • Anti Quark Found trawling the nether reaches of the TTLB ecosystem, looking for anything with vaguely interesting title. Apparently a student in Winnipeg. Low volume, some interesting links, sense of humour. At least it is real, increasing fraction of blogs are robo-ads or spam-blogs.

  • Áasta R. She is a member of Alþingi, the Icelandic parliament - and she blogs. It is political stuff, scandinavian progressive. Found this by jumping across two Icelandic blogrolls, basically a fishing expedition. Picked this one because I like the name ;-)


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