Friday, November 25, 2005

through white and drifted snow...

well, that was a bit of a bust, if this is what the local weatherman thinks is 6 inches, he has some severe misconceptions.

Still, the ground is white, mostly, for now, and it was bloody cold today, even for me.

So, out comes the winter gear: and here is a clue 66 North!
Icelandic manufacturers of cold weather clothing. High street shops in Reykjavík and New York.

They are cool, reasonably well priced and extremely effective.
Their adult line is comparable to the high end mountaineering/skiing outfits that come in and out of trendiness, like Marmot, Spyder or North Face. But the kids line is awesome - both the polar tec fleece stuff and the rubberised rain gear.

Our kids love them, they stay warm (I had to call time and go in for cocoa today, the Big Kid was nice and toasty in her 66 North fleece ensemble), and the look cool.

Here is the original 66 Norður. They started off as makers of winter gear for high sea fishermen, branched out into workclothes (my "drillers" suit came from them, still have it somewhere, perfect for all nighter work up in the mountains of Iceland).

I recommend the Óðinn line, and any of the balaclavas. The Kría baby gear also works very well.
The Freyr rain gear is awesome for kids.

Most highly recommended.


Blogger Dr. Kayhan said...

I took your advice and bought my son an Odin Smock with Hood from 66 North. It was time for it since my son is 99th percentile in all measurements (including IQ). We couldn't secure him in the carseat with his winter coat on.

Polartec to the rescue! It survived last night while we wandered outside during the first snow of the season.

BTW, you're link to 66 North is broken.

2:01 PM  
Blogger Steinn said...

Oops. Fixed it.
Know what you mean, a padded "ski" jacket may not fit under a seat belt, but a polartec fleece will.
Our Eldest now knows when to fall back - after 30 mins in the wind with wool gloves I'll suddenly hear "Daddy, I need my 66North (pink) gloves, NOW".
And it looks cool too.

Shame is the US subsidiary has only a small selection of the full range of products.

2:20 PM  

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